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The Kindle is an electronic ebook reader sold by Amazon. It is the size of a small paperback book, but lighter. It stores hundreds of ebooks that are all downloaded from Amazon’s Kindle Store to the Kindle reader.

So, just what does this mean to you?

The Kindle Store is your virtual goldmine. The Kindle Store is an Amazon ebook store that allows you, and anyone else, to jump online and sell their digital products FAST – using their traffic, their website, their delivery system, and their effort to make YOU money!

Start Living Your Dream As An Established Amazon Author!

It’s no secret, every online marketer is talking about it…Amazon has taken over the publishing industry and allowing opportunities to people who likely never would have dreamed of writing and releasing their own content! The Amazon juggernaut has never been so easy to utilize for those who dreamed of creating their own passive income stream. Thanks to the power and popularity of Kindle, anybody and everybody who can lift a pencil and put an idea to a notepad is ready to make their mark online!

Many publishers, entrepreneurs and marketers are making a killing developing and releasing their content for the Amazon Kindle. If you’re still unaware, the popularity of Kindle has skyrocketed in a very short amount of time. More and more people are doing away with physical books and are now firing up their e-readers and purchasing eBooks online.

Many people with zero marketing ability and no reputation have gone on to become incredibly successful by releasing their own content. What makes the Amazon publishing system so fascinating is that these same people are writing their own cheques thanks to the power of Kindle. Even those who are barely able to turn on a computer are discovering a super simple system which requires nothing more than their own imagination.

You too can become a part of the massive Kindle book publishing revolution and start creating your own passive income and making your own name in the publishing industry. With my brand new guide “Kindle Power”, you will see just how powerful this system is and how quickly you can start depositing cheques.

For only $47.00, you will discover the benefits of book publishing, how to choose topics for your ebook, setting up your account, crucial guidelines to ensure your launch does well, monetizing and promoting your content off Amazon and much much more!

Inside, you’ll learn…

  • Where to get content – find the hidden sources of public domain, creative commons, and private label content that you can SELL for profit!
  • Exactly how to list your ebook – for maximum exposure with minimal effort!
  • How to properly catagorize your ebook – to get the most profitable buyers!
  • How to price your ebook – For the best response. Too low, and you won’t make much… To high, and you won’t make anything at all!
  • How to repeat this system over and over – for maximum effectiveness with minimal effort! By the time your first ebook is available on Kindle, I can show you how to have another 10-20 waiting to go!
  • How you can earn a residual income for YEARS just by setting up a few products in the Kindle Store!
  • 3 Simple Steps to finding free content you can publish today!
  • How to instantly increase your views (and sales) with just a few extra keystrokes! (This secret isn’t revealed anywhere else!)
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  • The top 10 types of products you should sell – and why they sell like crazy right away!
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  • The secret to getting repeat customers – and BIG profits!
  • The secret “Serializer Method” – teaching you how to turn just one ebook in to 10, 20, 30, or even more – all bringing in profits for you!
  • A free and easy way to find content that you can publish NOW!
  • Where I list my products for MAXIMUM exposure!
  • A top Kindle Publisher’s opinion on the best – and worst – products to sell on Kindle! Save yourself hours of frustration, and sell the right products the first time!
  • The exact system the same top publisher uses to get his ebooks on Kindle – and how he rakes in MASSIVE profits doing it!
  • And much, much more!

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